Frankfurt International Airport

Monday, March 09, 2015
Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany
Day 2 
  Frankfurt International Airport: Arrive From OHare International Airport @ 9:35am
Total: 4336 Miles - Time: 8 Hours, 43 minutes
 Uneventful flight, the time went by pretty fast, and I slept about 4 hours. 

 I did try to watch a couple of movies, watched the movie "Wild" with Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern. I was excited to see it was available and I really wanted to like this movie but it was a big disappointment. It's a story about Cheryl Strayed's journey hiking the PCT, because of her mother's recent death, a divorce because of many affairs she had, her drug habit and her promiscuity, did I miss anything?  
  I didn't read the book, but I read excerpt from the book and I remember it was a lot more inspirational. She was so totally unprepared to do this hike, not testing and becoming familiar with her equipment. Loosing one shoe and throwing away the second shoe! Taping up her feet, no shoes, with what looked like duct tape. I read that the adorable little blond girl who played Cheryl as a child is the actual daughter of Cheryl Strayed. 
I also tried to watch "The Judge" with Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall. Oh and that guy from Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Vincent something. Played a detective. Anyway, I didn't watch the whole thing, too slow, too long and boring! 
 We had to go to Terminal 1 and with all the walking, taking the skyline train and going thru security checks, we were at our gate in about an hour. So we have lots of time before we board. Now if we had "free Wi-Fi" it would be nice! Yes, but limited to 30 minutes! They have a great Travelers Guide online, even includes suggested tours you can take during long layovers. I wonder if a visa would be required to leave the airport?
Interesting: Frankfurt is the only German Airport with prayer rooms and chapels for Christians, Jews and Muslims. Open 24 hours a day. Maybe a lot of International airports have them, I just haven't noticed.

When we got on the train this lady with a burka really stood out from everyone else. I have never seen anyone so totally covered before! From the length of the burka, very long, couldn't see her shoes, long sleeves, gloves, her face covered and a veil over it all, so you couldn't see her eyes and everything black, black, black! I can't imagine having a conversation with someone that you can't even see their eyes! Not to mention how hot this must feel in the heat of Egypt. I read it can get up to 140°F in the summer!

   Flight #3 - FRD To Cairo International Airport: Flight LH531, Depart @ 1:45pm
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