Chicago OHara Airport Madness!

Saturday, March 21, 2015
Chicago, Illinois, United States

This can't be anyone's favorite airport! O'Hare is huge, and it's from an era before airports had much in the way of amenities, and this airport is stretched beyond capacity . I read that it has the worse on time records of any major airport. Well known for weather issues that cause flights to be delayed or canceled.
i have to remember next time, to avoid booking a flight through O'hare if at all possible, especially in the winter time. I can handle long lines but it was the snippy attitudes of the airport employees, much worse than any other airport we have traveled through. They were yelling from the time we got off the plane, God help you if you need to ask them a questions! We had to pickup our luggage then return it to United after going through 3 security screenings, we were singled out for a 3rd screening, lifting our heavy luggage onto the conveyor belt, 3 times! Then the drop off area was so unorganized, not just airport busy, really chaotic, the guy yelling at everyone.

But it did have a piano in the terminal and FREE Wi-Fi!

Good to know and to keep for future references:
 If you get stuck at O'Hare and need a hotel room for the night there is a service, Airport Accommodations, that provides discounted rates at full service hotels in the airport area that provide free shuttle service. Call their 24/7 customer service center at ☎ +1 800 935-5995 and they will help you find a room in the airport area. They do not charge for their services.
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