Alaska, Here we come!

Saturday, July 22, 2017
San Diego, California, United States
Hard to believe we have spent the last 6 months planning our 3 week trip to Alaska, and today, we are jumping on a plane, and flying to Anchorage (via Seattle). Emily and Ryan had their first flight since they were 4 months old. No issues, especially since Ryan has been incredibly nervous about flying (even watching videos of the best place to sit on a plane and what to do if it crashes – morbid child). We had an hour delay getting out of Seattle, the nose piece was damaged when we were pushed away from the gate. Maintenance had to check and give us the all clear. The flight from Seattle to Anchorage was supposed to take 3 ½ hours, but we made it in 3, making us only ½ later than we expected. We chased the sun from Seattle to Anchorage – it was “sunset” when we left Seattle and still sunset when we arrived. It was very strange having it so light outside! After a bit of a mixup with the hotel (Lisa’s fault) we finally made it to the hotel around 1:30 am.
** Flying into Anchorage over Chugach National Forest, the 2nd largest forest in the US with over 5 million acres of land and 30% covered by ice!
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