Kenai Peninsula

Monday, August 07, 2017
Kenai, Alaska, United States
Had a lazy morning as the kids slept in late.  Headed over to Coopers Landing area for a fishing license for Paul  and some advice on the best place to fish.  We first stopped at the Russian River Ferry and were warned that there was a bear that had been frequenting the area.  Wow, combat fishing – fisherman every 10 feet!  We did see a sub adult grizzly who was very happy eating the leftovers from the fisherman who had already cut/filleted their fish.   Drove down Skilak Lake Road stopping at the lake to fish.   We finally found a nice spot along the Kenai River, with just a few fisherman, to fish.  We had a sub adult black bear walk right past Paul and Ryan (we have decided that Paul is a bear magnet).  It seemed content to look at everyone and then move on.  The fisherman across from us had quite the haul – 1 trout and about 15 salmon.  The seagulls feasted on the leftovers from the cleaning of the fish.
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