Tuesday, August 08, 2017
Seward, Alaska, United States
Drove to Seward to take our 6 hour, 100 mile, cruise with the Kenai Fjords Tour.  Went out through Resurrection Bay, where the water was glassy, out to the open waters of the Gulf of Alaska where it was so choppy we had to sit down, and then into Ailak Bay where the water was more calm.  We saw Bear Glacier, Ailiak Glacier, Holgate Glacier, and Surprise Glacier - all part of Kenai Fjords National Park and all of these glaciers come off of the Harding Ice Field.  We saw two humpback whales and a fin whale, sea otters, stellar sea lions, harbor seals, dall porpoises, puffins (both horned and tufted), murres, cormorants and a bald eagle.  We got to see the humpback whale breach in open water, do a spy hop (poking its head out of the water to look around), blow, and fluke (several times - it seemed like it was waving to us with its tail).  We got relatively lucky with the weather as it was cloudy getting out to the glacier (helps to see the blue colors concentrated in the glacier) and then it started raining for about an hour on our way back.  
 We had our first dinner out at The Cookery in Seward.  We had some wonderful broiled oysters with bacon.  Our waiter had actually worked in San Diego for Searsucker!  Finished the day by driving down toward Portage to the Williwaw Campground.  Since we sat most of the day, took a nice walk along the Williwaw Creek to see the salmon and then walked a portion of the Trail of Blue Ice.  Our campground was right below Middle Glacier.
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