Bird Creek - Fishing

Friday, August 11, 2017
Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Hard to believe that this is our last morning in the van.  Today is fishing day and eating the last remnants of food!  We had to stop at Tesoro to get some coffee as we were completely out (such a deal – $2.97 for ‘refills' on 2 cups of vanilla lattes and a salted caramel hot chocolate!).  We also learned that Krispy Kreme opened up in Anchorage a year ago and apparently are quite popular in the gas stations!  Our cashier said they get a new shipment every other day and can’t keep them in stock!  We went to Bird Creek to fish and stayed for quite a few hours.  Although there was a steady drizzle (we actually got to use our raingear) no one seemed to mind. There were 3 sea lions playing in the outlet when we arrived.  The tide really was going out as the kids continued to fish, the creek must have gone down at least 6 feet by the time we called it a day.  Both kids caught fish – they both pulled up pinks, and had quite a few others hooked that we couldn’t either get up the muddy bank or got away.  It was a successful day of fishing and had to stop when we lost all of our lures.   Definitely a place to remember to come back to fish, and check the tide!  Finally headed to our hotel so we could clean out the van, repack, and have dinner.  Headed over to the Moose’s Tooth (at 5:45) and had an hour wait…we were told this was a “’light” night as Zac Brown Band was playing in concert.  We had some yummy pizza – vegetable pesto and the carnivore (about as opposite as you can get) and wings.  Turns out our waitress used to work at  The Pizza House (2000-2007) in Ann Arbor (we probably had her as our waitress there) while she was attending University of Michigan.  According to Wikipedia, Moose's Tooth Pub & Pizzeria is currently ranked as the 3rd best pizzeria in the United States after Juliana's Pizza in New York City and Pizza Time of St. Augustine in St. Augustine, Florida and is currently the highest-grossing single-unit independent pizzeria in the United States generating up to $6 million in gross revenue annually.
Ben from Alaska Camper Van Rental came to pick up the van and we are officially in our last night of Alaska.  Time for bed for an early morning shuttle to the airport and back to our regular life.
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