Food, art and generosity.

Saturday, April 23, 2016
Georgetown, Pinang, Malaysia
So we are back in Georgetown, Penang again, the town of great food and
great art . We have spent a few days relaxing after our week working in
the Jungle. By relaxing I mean generally drinking more than we should.
We met Marcus a German lad also traveling at the place we have stayed at
and spent many a late night sharing a few beers, bottles of Vodka and
good old Thai rum again. All from a great little Chinese alcoholics shop
20 yards round the corner from our digs. The day times have been spent
out around the old town in search of new street art and as always it
didn't disapoint with some great new pieces on display as well as some
of the old favourites still perfectly intact.

We also took a
trip to the local clinic as well as we were a tad worried that we had
some unfiltered water at the eco resort. The lad there had shown us how
to work the filtration system but Dani got it wrong on the first day and
the machine was left on rinse as opposed to filter. I only realised
after we had around a litre each what had happened and then after
reading up when we got back into the land of WiFi we were concerned
about the possibility of parasites . Not a nice thought really so best to
have got it checked out. Thankfully all is good and that's the last
time Dani will go near a water filter!

It seems like we will be
staying in Penang a bit longer now as well. Alison who runs China House
for Narele, the lady who founded Lassie the animal shelter in Langkawi
got back to us around the possibility of work whilst in GeorgeTown. We
popped along to meet her one night and sat for hours having a really
good chat. She was very kind and bought our drinks all night for us and
also arranged some accomodation for us at one of Nareles other
properties within the old town as well as staff meals at China House
which is great. In return I am helping out with the dogs that Narele has
here as well as tidying up the property we are staying at. Another
great opportunity for us to help ease the cash burden of our travels as
well as doing some worthwhile work so we are parked up again now for a
wee while. Great generosity again from Narele and Alsion, which we will
repay as much as we can.

Not much else has happened really. Just
good food, good art and good company and hospitality. I'll start getting
some photos of the dogs as I get to know them better for my next entry
as well as decide when we will move on.
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