Escape from Langkawi.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
I promised myself last time that I would leave it no longer than a week in between my entries and what do you know, its now nearly 2 weeks since my last update. As you know we decided to stay on longer at the Lassie animal shelter as we found it really hard to leave the dogs and we wanted to cover the gap until the next volunteer arrived on the 25th. Unfortunately that volunteer did not arrive and appears to have disappeared into thin air as nobody has heard from her since. It will now be another month or so before the next one is due in and we simply don't have the time to invest in staying on that long.

On top of this I'm really disappointed with how a potential opportunity has played out for us. We were asked to do two weeks flat/pet sitting at a lovely villa with a pool for a friend of Narelle, the lady who owns the resort here. Obviously we said yes and were really looking forward to it, a nice couple of weeks staying in a luxury villa but our plans for this were foiled. Jeff a local guy here who's couch I slept on for a week the very first time I came to Langkawi really let us down. He usually does the pet sitting for this particular couple and I guess he mustn't have been happy that we were offered it instead. We didn't go out of our way to take any business away from him and we didn't expect to get paid for it anyway just the nice accommodation would have been payment enough and Jeff could have still taken the money he usually gets from the work but instead he chose not to talk to me and told lies to the couple to put them off using us. He basically said I was an alcoholic to dissuade them from using us and I feel really let down that he would do this. Don't get me wrong I like drink now and then but certainly not to the extent where I would be able to look after a few cats and keep somebody elses nice villa in order.

So a couple of things have really pushed us to now move on and finally leave the dogs until our next visit here, whenever that may be. I'm really looking forward now to some new experiences. Tomorrow we head off into Thailand. A ferry from Langkawi to Satun province, a bus from there up to Hat Yai and then a flight up to Bangkok. It will be strange being in a city again, it feels like so long since we last were. In fact I think the last time was when we first started this trip over 3 months ago when we touched down in Bangkok. We won't be hanging around too long there though. Seen and done it all before but it's a good hub to aim for and to re stock on a few essentials before heading off into the East of Thailand which we haven't explored yet. I'm looking forward to being able to write about new places and new adventures for a change.

Speaking of changes there has been a lot going on back home with the EU referendum and England going out of the Euros as well to Iceland (I can't believe we stayed out until 6am to watch that rubbish, what a waste!) I wont go into any politics in my blog but all I hope is that everything settles down somehow and that things don't change back home for the worst as I have seen a lot of disturbing videos following the vote. Just be nice to each other folks and show some respect to your fellow man. It's something we experience all the time when we are traveling, the level of generosity and understanding for others is humbling and I would hate to think that in our developed part of the world we can not display the same behaviors.
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