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Monday, July 04, 2016
Bangkok, Thailand
Having finally escaped Langkawi it was quite the trip to move on again. A full days travel. Taxi, ferry, minivan, Tuk Tuk, Airplane, bus, BTS Skytrain and the final 400 yards on foot eventually got us to our digs in Sukhumvit Bangkok.

I've said it before many times that I don't really like the cities . I prefer getting out and about in the countryside, taking in the views, the nature a few temples here and there and meeting the locals but there is something about Bangkok that draws me in every time. We haven't done anything spectacular these past 5 days since arriving, no sight seeing, no nightclubs or girly bars but we haven't been bored either. We've generally just lived I guess if you want to give it any kind of a label. Sat up in the hostel the past 3 nights drinking Thai rum until the early hours watching the Euro Quarter Finals. We've eaten some amazing food, and it truly is something special in this part of the world. You could move to Bangkok and live here the rest of your life and eat at a different place for every single meal, that's how important food is and the scale of this city. It is foody heaven.

We've also done the usual things that you would back home. Went to the pictures the other night to see Finding Dory. I love the cinemas here, so much better than the ones back home . Nice big comfy reclined chairs with loads of space around you and some of the best screens and sound systems I've experienced. It's kind of funny as well as you have to stand up before the film starts while they play you some music and show pictures of the King and his dogs.

Then there is the shopping here. I'm not one for trudging round all day looking at shops but the shopping malls here are on a whole different level to back home. You name it you can buy it. From a yacht or Lamborghini to a £250,000 diamond ring. The malls are impressive from an architectural perspective as well. Beautiful sleek modern sculptures that ooze sophistication and style. You can get off the BTS at Siam and enter the first mall and not go outdoors again until you are over a mile down Sukhumvit road as all the malls are linked together with walkways. I love wandering around them as there are art works and nice little touches dotted about all over, they are fascinating.

We only planned on a couple of nights here but it's turned into 6 somehow and I'm not really sure where the time has gone, it's flashed past. It's a city with a lot to offer. Something different and interesting round every corner. 40p Pad Thai stalls sat next to a Prada or Rolex shop. Tuk Tuks and taxi bikes weaving in and out amongst the Ferrari's and Bentley's, it all comes together here and we could probably stay a lot longer without actually doing much other than enjoying the food and the heady mix of Bangkok's hustle and bustle. But we must press on again and discover new places. Let's see if we manage to leave and move on tomorrow.
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