Ruins & Rivers

Monday, February 23, 2015
Hoi An, Vietnam
Set off after breakfast to see the My Son temple complex/ruins. Originally built from the 4th century til the 13th century but then abandoned by the Cham people when the Viets invaded. Of course, the Viet Cong used the temples as a refuge, an the Americans bombed the area which contributed handsomely to the destruction of the place. There are still bomb craters around but the devastation extended further than the craters. This is all in the mountainous area where much of the fighting took place, and which was well forested. It was a sobering thought to imagine the unfortunate soldiers cutting their way through the bush with VC taking pot shots at them. The effects of Agent Orange still contaminates the water supply in the area and of course the fish and other animals down the food chain.
 Lunch, as per usual in a Vietnamese restaurant . The prime minister of Vietnam comes from this area and we went to his favourite restaurant here,which cost us something stupid for the meal with drinks. Less than I'd expect to pay for the drinks alone. 
Then we went to a pottery village for a demo on throwing pottery. They called for a volunteer to try, and guess who got the job!
After that we went for a ride on the river Thu Bon. Massive river.
Back to the hotel for a swim and out for dinner.
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