A misty day

Friday, February 27, 2015
Hanoi, Vietnam
Set off for our boat trip. On the way we saw the fields (?) of mussels being cultivated. The trip starts from the Halong Bay harbour, so we saw the model of what is planned for the development. No indication of the time scale, and there is a whole lot of work to be done. If they don't improve the road from Hanoi then I can't see it being the resort they plan. The boat trip gave us some wonderful scenery, took lots of photos, but as you have no doubt seen many photos of it already, I won't bore you with more. They landed us at Surprise Cave and we had a tour of the caves. Very well presented and good lighting. Unfortunately the weather was quite misty despite the forecast being for sun. It never appeared, even got worse after lunch.
Then a long bus trip back to Hanoi . The only consolation is the hotel is very luxurious. Some in the group have had better rooms than others, so we thought that this was our turn. However, we then discovered that most of the group have suites, so now we are feeling most put out!
Went out for dinner, managed to get there and back without being killed by the traffic. It's unbelievable, bikes go through red lights without a care, on the wrong side of the road, where ever they like. Can't believe we've seen only one accident.
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Caught up with you at last! Computer has been on the blink! The country looks very beautiful, difficult to imagine the horrors that went on there. Look forward to hearing more details when you're over next time. Love to both.