Good morning Laos

Sunday, March 01, 2015
Vientiane, Laos
Early morning start. Why do we have to work so hard to enjoy ourselves? Flight to Vientiane was uneventful. However getting into Laos was reminiscent of border crossings with Martin & Stanley. You get the visa at the airport, pay $35 each, fill in a form and give a photo. I couldn't find where I'd put the photos. So it cost an extra dollar each. So why the photo? No idea. 3 people to sort the visa, another to do immigration. But I've had a lot worse, so no problems.
Met outside, and taken to the hotel, where the rooms aren't ready for another 2 hours . Had lunch on the veranda, but the fans aren't working, the government cut the electricity until 4 pm. The temperature is in the upper 30s.
In the afternoon we went to the Presidential Palace. However we could only see it through the wrought iron gates! The to Wat Sisaket and other notable buildings. The trouble is, Laos had 2 wars with Siam/Thailand and lost both (played 2 won 0, 0 points. Bottom of the league.) and had a lot of their heritage destroyed or taken by the victorious troops. But there are still some beautiful buildings. 
After that we went for a stroll along the market near the Mekong river and watched the sun set.
For dinner we went to a show of traditional music with Local dancers.
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Stop moaning. They got the sun to work didn't they?.Not a bad effort if you ask me.