Still in wonderful Texas Qld with old friends

Monday, May 11, 2015
Texas Qld, Queensland, Australia

 Russ & Sandra Daniels Fellow Highway Wanderers and people we met way back before we flew down to Tassie to look at the bus, arrived this morning and we've had the best day together catching up and they even got a spot next to us, we cranked up the fire after Russ went off and got a nice bit of wood so we had a fantastic meal all done on the Pig and Camp Ovens. Great day and night, we'll have some fun in the next few days.

Before they got here we took a drive over to Coonabarabran, lovely town with everything you need I loved the magnificent hotel on the corner of the main street.

 The Daniels and us took a drive over to see Bonshaw Dam, where there is a small Free Camp too, no facilities at all but you could get a Big Rig in if there was room. Nice little weir and Bonshaw had a Cafe come petrol, come museum, come liqueur, come shop where we had a yummy Hamburger each with the lot, delicious.

 Along the road we spied the old unused Tobacco kilns that the region was once heavily into, we stopped to take some pictures and Sandra was so keen she waded into the looooong grass to get closer, we nearly lost her, the grass was so long, nice buzz also to see a pair of Emus on the side of the road too. We gathered some wood on the way home and had another unbelievable meal on the fire and coals......Golden Dumplings for sweets!!!

 The Daniels and us all went down to Texas Qld and had Mother's Day Brekky at Mezzies, highly recommended by fellow nomads and we totally agree, very nice indeed. Even presented us a flower each on arriving! 
 Then another yummo meal of Baked vegys and Steak on the fire and Camp Ovens
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