Captain Courageous

Sunday, March 23, 2014
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
We had no idea how much a cab into Auckland would be so when we pulled into the Crowne Plaza and the meter showed $98 I nearly died. Eek!! I'm sure I read that a pre-booked cab through the hotel was much less. Gotta work out a cheaper way to get back there.

Big hotel room with a view of the Sky City tower . Got our yachting gear on and went in search of a rain jacket for Al. Then we walked down to the Viaduct where we boarded exploreNZ’s Courageous for our dinner cruise (

First we motored around to another marina and had a pretty good dinner. Then we headed out onto Auckland Harbour again, the motor was cut and the sails were hoisted. It was a pretty magical couple of hours. It was over too soon.

When we got back to the hotel we asked about what time we should leave to get us out to the airport by 8.30. He asked if we wanted to pre-book a car and were both amazed to find it’d be only $75. I should have booked one to come in to Auckland as well.
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