We love a lazy sea day

Tuesday, April 01, 2014
Somewhere in the Pacific, International
Tuesday April 1

A sea day! Hooray.

I got our washing done in the morning. The laundrette is just up the hall from our home – free washers and dryers. The bigger apartments will have washers and dryers in them but the studios don't so residents need to be able to do their washing. The only alternative is to send it out to the ship’s laundry and that sure would add up on your incidentals.

We went and sat out in the shade by the pool and had a couple of beers.

We were invited to dinner at East, the ship’s Asian restaurant. We met for pre-dinner drinks at Regatta, one of the ship’s bars. When we walked in there was some kind of small do on. We were welcomed in and asked if were with Exclusive Resorts (who own four apartments on the ship). Even after we said no and that we were just meeting friends, they still offered us a glass of champagne and welcomed us into their little party. The Texan belle was gorgeous!!

Dinner at East was fantastic. Amazing sushi and sashimi and beautiful delicate mains.

Then we wandered back into Regatta. It was karaoke night. Our worst nightmare. We found ourselves sitting with an ever increasing group of people who come from worlds so far removed from ours it’s hard to imagine. Each and everyone one of them was warm and welcoming and a bundle of fun. Somehow or other I was eventually roped in to get up with a group of girls (ladies younger and much younger than me) and we performed an appalling rendition of Dancing Queen while Al joined the sheer squad and danced along.
Luckily for everyone the karaoke eventually came to an end. Then last drinks were called – all bars close at midnight – but none of our merry group was in the mood to turn in. Al and I had the solution that amazingly none of the others even knew about – the self-service honesty bar in the back corner of Quantum. So that’s where we went, eventually leaving at 4.30am!!

 Wednesday April 2

Another lazy sea day. Ridiculously large burgers out by the pool for lunch. Then another delicious dinner in East.
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