The sunset of sunsets

Friday, April 11, 2014
Somewhere in the Pacific, International
April 9/10/11

Three lazy days at sea .

Dinner by the Pool one night, lunch at Tides (Italian) followed by dinner at Tides cos we liked it so much. Dinner at Portraits, the French fine diner that is usually tuxedo or dark suit only but opens as Portraits Bistro every now and then. Then it only requires smart casual attire with a jacket so we could go. I do it too often, order a steak and then think meh afterwards. Same as always. Even made another fateful appearance at karaoke where I was dragged up kicking and screaming to perform a very ordinary rendition of Islands in the Stream with a resident in the role of Dolly!

Best of all though was the sunset on Friday night. We've seen quite a few decent sunsets from ships over the years but this one was something special. The sea had been like sheets of rolling glass all day so when the sky started to light up with flashes of red and yellow and orange it swirled around on the water.

It was truly magical.
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