The rain in Spain (Raro) falls mainly ....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009
Rarotonga, Southern Cook Islands, Cook Islands
14/10/09 Day 5 Muri Beach, Rarotonga

Woke up and it was pretty miserable outside . I called Pa's to tell them we wouldn’t be doing the walk but they beat me to it and said they wouldn’t be in any case. Offered us Friday but we fly to Aitutaki so they will take us tomorrow if the weather is fine. Fantastic! We’ve heard it’s a bit slippery when it’s wet so we imagine it will be treacherous today.

The rain has cleared as the morning has gone on and the wind has died down to nothing. Waves breaking out on the reef are getting smaller and the lagoon is clearing but the tide doesn't look like it has gone down at all. Had a thought this morning that we might just be experiencing the ‘spring tides‘. If that’s the case, it will explain why the water has been so high the last 36 hours. Might even venture out into the lagoon again soon because the sky is not far from being all blue again. Yippee!!

Got the snorkeling gear together and wandered along the edge of the lagoon towards the beach near Tiana’s . It was just too murky to have any idea of what was under your feet. Too many small outcrops of dead coral and rocks and not worth risking cutting your leg open so we gave up.

Pretty much spent the whole day sitting in the cottage reading and doing puzzles.

5pm we’re out on the road waiting for the bus to Highland Paradise. Bus arrives and we tell the driver our names but we’re not on the list. Tells us to get on in any case. Realises the bus won’t have the room for the people he’s supposed to pick up so asks if we’re ok getting off and waiting for the next one. Of course we are. So off we get and the next bus comes along. He doesn’t have us on the list either but he has room so takes us the whole way.

The view from Highland Paradise is amazing. Quite high up on a hill on the west coast. Go to pay and we’re not on the list for tonight (I know we should be cos I heard Al say tomorrow, Thomson, and describe where we are staying - Gwen’s place) but doesn’t matter, there’s room for us (more on room later) .

Get an intro on the history of the site, shown the marae and get blessed. Take a couple of photos of the coast to try and give an idea of how big the seas are that are breaking on the reef but doubt they’ll show much at all. The sunset is behind a bank of trees so can’t get a shot of that either.

Shown to our tables where we’ll eat and watch the show. You sit at long tables that are too close together and the handles of the chairs sit on each other in places. It would do the place good to take twenty less people per night and make it a bit more comfortable for everyone. Getting a drink, going to the loo, even getting up to get dinner was way too hard.

The meal was pretty good. We have to compare this place to the Old Lahaina Luau we went to in Hawaii. The scale of this was much smaller. The food was similar but without the delicious shredded pork. The singing and music was in a different world here, just amazing, although the dancing was the opposite; good, but not in the same class, especially the girls. They were still good, but the Hawaiians were so much better. Went through a similar timeline where the music, costumes and style of dance has changed over the centuries.

It was a really great night. Pretty sure that some of the nights are all inclusive (they also include your drinks) but at least with this one you are putting your money straight into the community and not into a big resort.
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