Final Day in Delhi

Wednesday, October 21, 2015
New Delhi, India
Today was another early day as we had to meet at 7am for breakfast. We also had to pack everything up and prep for our long train ride tonight as we had to check out of our hotel before we went on our tour. We left our hotel at about 8am this morning and took the metro - this time with our guide - back to the area Jaime and I had gone to on our first day. We were able to enter the Mosque this time. Even though I was dressed pretty modestly, I still had to put on a robe to enter. We also had to take off our shoes. The ground was not too hot though. According to our guide - Kuldeep this is very mild weather for India, so we are lucky to be here at this time. It was very interesting to be able to see it from the inside this time. Some very little Indian girls came up to me and another girl in our group and wanted to shake our hands and introduce themselves. They were very sweet. After a while at this Mosque, Kuldeep brought us to a Sikh Temple. We again had to remove our shoes, and everybody had to cover their heads. We got to witness some worship and learn a bit about this religion. Turns out this Temple had rooms and a very large dining hall. Every day they cook food and offer it for free to people of all religions, castes, and races. Kuldeep said thousands of people come there per day to eat. There are also many street vendors around this temple that hand out food for free. The rooms are also available for free. Very cool to learn about such a giving culture. We also all got to take turns helping roll out the dough for the bread that is made for these dinners. The ladies thought it was pretty cool to see us come and watch them. By this time it was only about 12pm, and we were set loose to do whatever until it was time to meet for the train to Varanasi. Jaime and I ate at this amazing veg restaurant. We weren't quite sure what the items on the menu meant, but we asked the cashier and she suggested to items for us and it was amazing! Even more amazing it was a total of $3 US for our meal and 2 sodas. We walked around a bit, back to the Red Fort, then caught the Metro back to our hotel.So now we are back at the hotel just resting until we leave to catch our train. Even though it was a pretty short day as far as sight seeing, the heat really takes it out of you and makes you tired. Jaime got a slight case of "Delhi Belly" (tummy ache) but luckily it did not last long. I have made it so far without any hint of feeling sick or uneasy. I think it helps that I do not eat meat at all, but let's hope we can make it the rest of this trip without anymore cases of Delhi Belly. 
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