Leaving Tordi Garh and First Day in Jaipur

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
The genius award for the trip officially goes to....yours truly. Last night whilst taking my shower, I turned the hot water on full blast. I have done this at every hotel so far and each time it only produces luke warm to cool water. Seeing as though this hotel was literally in the middle of nowhere why would I think any differently of this place? Well, the water was scalding, so I immediately reached for the knob to turn the hot water down. I didn't have my glasses or contacts in, so when i touched the knob, my pinky finger touched the pipe leading to the knob and it BURNED! So I walked over to the sink to run some cold water on it, but I didn't know that the knobs were reversed on the sink and I ran more scalding hot water over my burn. It was freaking brilliant. Our hotel didn't have ice so Jaime got me a very cold water bottle and a cold wet cloth to put on my burn and that was the best we could do. I now have a nice big blister on the side of the tip of my pinky. That is on my right hand. Combine that with the cut I have on my palm on my left hand from the camel ride, and all my bug bites I have scratched into oblivion, and I am in great shape over here. Nonetheless, this is still the best trip I have ever had and in spite of my outrageous clumsiness I am still having a total blast. 

 This morning we had a nice breakfast and went on another walk around the village - this time just the area close to our hotel . The coolest part of the morning was going and seeing a family that makes pottery. One of the males of the family gave us a demonstration on how they make it. He has a large stone that is balanced on something, and just uses a stick to spin it around. He then puts the clay on and uses it just like any regular pottery wheel. We were amazed at how quick he was! He asked if anybody wanted to try, and nobody else volunteered, so I got to spin a clay pot! 

 After our walk we boarded our private bus to head out to Jaipur, which is where we will be for the last part of our tour. Just three more nights and it is all over. I cannot believe how fast this has gone. Kuldeep led us on a walk around old town Jaipur. We walked through the spice and flower markets, saw all the lights and decor that the locals buy for the religious festivals, and got to try some legitimate Indian street food. It was a gamble, but no upset tummy yet! 

 The final part of our walk brought us to the cinema where we went in to see, yes, a legit Bollywood movie! There were a lot of locals and tourists alike, and this was a pretty sweet experience . The movie was in Hindi and had no subtitles, but I was suprised at how easy it was to still follow the story line. Kuldeep explained a lot of what was going on after we left the theater, and except for a few small details, Jaime and I had it figured out pretty well. The movie was over 3 hours long, and luckily there was an intermission, so we actually opted to leave at this point and head out for dinner. We ate at a very delicious Indian buffet and then headed back to our hotel. Another fairly early day awaits us tomorrow. We are leaving at 8am to go see the Amber Fort and then we have an entire free day after that. Jaime and I are still trying to figure out what to do. Kuldeep said Jaipur is well known for their precious gems. I wouldn't mind trying to find a nice opal ring to take home as a nice birthday souvenir. ;) But tomorrow should be pretty chill. We will have another very early day on Thursday as we have to catch an early train to head back to Delhi. One final night there and then we are on our way home!
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