Small Town, USA

Sunday, August 11, 2013
Carlsbad, New Mexico, United States
WOW! We made it! And by we, I mean Brandon as he was awesome enough to drive the whole 15 hours with no help!! It went by fast for us because we got to nap. He says it went by fast for him too. With 4 of us, we made it the the 954 miles, only stopping twice for bathroom breaks and gas. Very successful first leg. The rest of the trip will see like a breeze because the next stops are only 8 hours or less apart. We saw some awesome mountains, scenery, and once we got to the hotel got a real feel for Small Town, USA. There is really nothing here except the National Park, some hotels, and slim pickins as far as restaurants go, but we were lucky enough to find a great local BBQ place. (I opted for a salad and grilled cheese). Even better, between Jaime and I our bill came to only $15.89! And it was crazy large portions!
 So, to sum up, we arrived at our first destination safely and quickly . We are hitting up the Carlsbad Caverns bright and early tomorrow morning, and then heading up through Roswell to Oklahoma! Stay tuned!



Sounds like a smooth trip and fun to boot. $15 each fro dinner - what a deal! Have a safe ride going forward. Love, Melody