Aliens do Roswell

Monday, August 12, 2013
Roswell, New Mexico, United States
We figured since Roswell was pretty much on the way to Oklahoma, we should stop to check it out. We went mainly to check out the UFO Museum and Research Center. (Another thrifty tourist stop - 5 bucks for us civilians to get in - 3 bucks for Jaime since he is a veteran). 

 Roswell was pretty much exactly how I imagined it - a lot of Alien stuff . Literally every store, bank, gas station, etc, had aliens or ufo's painted on their windows or signs. Even their streetlamps are in the shape of alien heads. 

 It was extra fun for me because in high school I absolutely LOVED the show Roswell on the WB, so it was exciting to see the town that show was supposed to be based in. (I am pretty sure it was actually filmed in Cali) But the story line of the main characters matches up with the real story of the Roswell crash, so that was cool to get the history of that. 

It was a short stop, so I will keep this entry short as well. We spent a little less than an hour in the museum. We found an AMAZING little local Mexican restaurant and ate a great and inexpensive meal there. Then we stopped at one of the hokey gift shops, picked up a few souvenirs and headed back to the car to start on the way to Oklahoma. 

Roswell was definitely interesting, It was not someplace I would go as an actual destination on a trip, I think we pretty much saw what there was to see. But since we were passing through it was awesome to be able to stop there and get a taste of it.