Colorado...Its so GREEN!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Cortez, Colorado, United States
Another 425 miles driven today to get from Oklahoma to Colorado. 

The main point of this leg was to get to the four corners and be able to see Monument Valley (both being done tomorrow!) So we drove the long drive from Oklahoma to Cortez, CO .

Talk about a scenic view!! And I though Washington was green! Colorado is so gorgeous! We drove through some awesome places that Jaime and I would actually be very interested in going back to. We were able to stop and get some great scenic pictures, and a little bit of rain provided a much needed wash for Chelsea and Brandon's car. 

We had just enough time to go to a local restaurant and Brewery after checking into our little hotel, and again ate some awesome food, and had some awesome local beers. 

Not much else to update on since today was just a driving day and the tourist-y stuff resumes tomorrow. But here is a recap:

So far we have been through/to 6 states, driven around 1,829 miles, and have gotten about 39 miles to the gallon. We are in Chelsea and Brandon's Honda Civic, and it is AWESOME! By the end of this trip, there will be 2 more states visited, and who knows how many more miles. It is a lot of driving (well, for Brandon, he has driven this whole time! It has been so awesome). but such a fun experience overall. I often forget how much these here United States have to offer. Such a beautiful country.