Busy Day! Four Corners Starts it Off!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013
Four Corners New Mexico, Arizona, United States
Here is part 1 of a 4 part blog of today's events. 

Unknowingly, we apparently planned a week's worth of tourist activities in one day, but we did it, all in a 12 hour time frame . We are exhausted!

This will be short to start..

We headed to the Four Corners Monument, less than an hour from where we were staying. We were lucky to get there as early as we did because we got some sweet pictures with no bystanders in the background. As soon we were leaving the parking lot it pretty much flooded with people coming in. We just beat the rush! 

Anyways, even though it is a total touristy thing, it was pretty cool to be in four different states at once. I even did a backflip and was in four different states in the air! Ha ha. 

Not much else to say about that stop....next stop - Monument Valley Utah!