Utah is nothing like Colorado!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013
Monument Valley, Utah, United States
We wanted to see Monument Valley before we got our destination - Page, AZ - for the night, so we made the slight detour to do just that. We got some great pictures and after getting some info from the visitor's center, we decided to do the loop through Monument Valley in the Civic.

Now, in our defense, the big sign said that sedans can make it through the loop with no problem . About 5 minutes into the drive down there, we realized this would not be possible. It was hilly, rocky, the car kept bottoming out, and we kept turning up dust. Brandon was just awesome though and kept his cool, minus some yelling at the road. 

We were lucky to make it back up the hill! And in doing so we saw several other sedans coming down the hill and couldn't help but wonder if the poor other cars would make it. I'm convinced this one little low rider Volkswagen is still stuck down there! The poor Honda was covered in dirt and dust, and the white car looked brown. It was a little stressful but the point is we tried, the car was not hurt or damaged, and we saved about 2 hours in our day not driving through. 

So even though it was an epic fail on our part, we learned by doing and still got to see Monument Valley which apparently is a popular foreign tourist attraction. I think we may have been the only American tourists there. But what a difference to see in just one day - from the green mountains of Colorado to the vast desserts of rocky Utah. Quite the experience, but it was an experience nonetheless!!