Unreal Experience at Antelope Canyon!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013
Page, Arizona, United States
Another 300 miles to our destination for the night - making the total mileage for the trip so far 2,129 miles. 

We planned to just get the hotel, eat dinner, relax, sleep and then hit up Antelope Canyon in the morning, however since we skipped the horrendous drive through Monument Valley we had a few extra hours to blow, and figured if we could get a good tour of Antelope Canyon today, we could either leave early and get to Vegas tomorrow, or find another cool thing to do here in Page . So we were lucky enough to get on the 2:30pm tour of the Upper Antelope Canyon. It was unreal. 

Today was already a great day (despite the stressful driving in Monument Valley) and as if it wasn't already great enough, this tour through the canyon was indescribable. It was even more cool because this slot canyon was carved out by natural ways, and it was beyond gorgeous. Even better, we had the best tour guide who showed us how to get great pictures and took tons of pics of our group. 

The tour was about an hour and a half and was pretty cheap for the experience - only $31 each. I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking - I really think Jaime's super expensive camera did an amazing job of capturing the beauty of this natural Slot Canyon. 

Tomorrow we booked a boat trip on Lake Powell. We are all super excited for more fun here in Page, AZ tomorrow.