Made it to Vegas!!

Friday, August 16, 2013
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Another 272 miles driven got us safely (thanks once again to Brandon) to Las Vegas. Our room at the Golden Nugget was the biggest, and most comfortable out of all of our rooms. 

We didn't have big plans, just to stay on Fremont Street and enjoy the awesome Golden Nugget pool which has the shark tank in the middle of it and a water slide that goes through it! 

As soon as we got to the room yestereday, we changed into our swim suits and rushed down to the pool . It felt amazing. It was so much fun to watch the Sharks in the tank and just relax. 

Last night we enjoyed walking around and experiencing the "Fremont Experience." Jaime had never stayed downtown, so it was super fun for him. I played the slots, but didn't end up ahead. But didn't lose too much money either, so that was good. We also enjoyed the buffet at the Golden Nugget and got buy 1 get 1 free so it was a total of 23 bucks for all four of us to enjoy a Vegas buffet! That was like $6 each! What a steal!

We also walked down to where the Pawn Shop where the reality TV show Pawn Stars is filmed. That is one of Jaime's favorite shows. We braved the heat and walked there since it was only a half mile away from our hotel. Luckily it was not that far. The heat was pretty intense. 

I also got Jaime to have some fun playing the slot machines, and he ended up liking one of my favorite slots - Dean Martin's Wild Party. He won about $50 bucks on it. 

Tomorrow we are planning on leaving pretty early so we can make it home at a decent time.