Our RV: home for the next few weeks

Thursday, July 26, 2007
Camp Verde, Arizona, United States

 After a good breakfast we waited in the foyer for Nancy to pick us up – all part of the service when renting with Bates International of Phoenix. We had decided to go with them rather than one of the big rental outfits as a) we didn’t fancy driving round with large advertising decals all
over targeting us as tourists and b) it was a lot cheaper. Reports of their service were good: they are brokers who rent out RVs for the owners, so we were getting a “real” vehicle which would come fully equipped. Unfortunately, the owner of our preferred vehicle had withdrawn from the rental scheme between booking and our arrival, but Nancy had substituted a 2003 Jamboree which we were (mostly) happy to have.

 We were rather a long time leaving as Hubby had to re-hang the bathroom door which wouldn’t shut and to fix the oven door ditto. We also had to accompany Nancy to the repairers to mend a broken awning arm, but she did loan us a US mobile phone and stocked the kitchen up with provisions, so it wasn’t all bad.




 A trip to Fry’s supermarket to stock up with food (where joining the members’ scheme saved us $25) made a great start to our trip and we went on up the I-17 to Camp Verde and the Rancho Verde RV Park on N Horseshoe Bend Rd. Even the road names are atmospheric here! It was a lovely site with friendly, helpful owners where our pitch overlooked the river and was close to a great shower block. We set up the van and intended to go into town shopping as we realised we’d forgotten to get any charcoal for the bbq, but a little sit-down turned into a long snooze....
time difference/jet-lag is a killer, so we didn’t go anywhere.

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