Thursday, August 09, 2007
Phoenix, Arizona, United States

 Today was our last day, and the morning was spent cleaning up the RV and packing our bags. We drove to the dealer's compound to have a good look round – ours was 29ft but some of the A-class vehicles dwarfed it with their slide-outs and superior length. It was very interesting to see how they worked and how the other half holidayed!

 It was now time to return our RV to its home and to tell Nancy all about our travels. She drove us to the Sleep Inn, our home for the night, and after we checked in we walked across to the Sports Bar for a meal and a drink. It was very nice and the venue gave us the chance to watch some American Football while we ate – it seemed strange to be back in civilisation with a reliable TV signal. After a good night’s sleep we got transferred to the airport for the long flight home, which was made even more arduous by a 6 hour delay in Atlanta...but we eventually made it – tired but full of great memories. It was a fantastic trip and one which I would recommend to anyone liking the same sort of things we do.
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