No Wi-fi In Konso!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Konso, Ethiopia
Stillness. No early morning call to prayer or perhaps I was still asleep when the first call was made. Any roosters were too far away. Because of the wooden shutters, the early morning light could not penetrate into the room. Checking the time it was 6.31 am and after yesterday's sunrise knew I had to quickly move to get to the rim of the Rift Valley. I was a few minutes too late as the sun had just broken over the hazy hills on the far side of Lake Abaya so far beneath me.

Being uphill it was cool in the morning but not cold. The sun quickly warm the air up as we enjoyed breakfast with the occasional vehicle in the distance. Then the local Orthodox Church call to prayer over the neighbouring church loud speakers sounding different but in some ways like the Muslim call to prayer.

Breakfast was part of the cost with scrambled eggs, bread rolls and that was enough to set us up for the 8.30 am departure.


A short drive back down the hill and into Abra Minch to stop off at the bank where we tried to exchange our larger birr notes into 5 and 10 birrs so that we can pay for the photos that we would be taking in the Omo Valley. In the end most of us were satisfied but I don't understand why some tellers had some notes others didn't have much and limited a few of us when in the end they were able to exchange notes between themselves. Bizarre.

More villages were passed with plenty of cattle and goats being moved along the road.

Stopped by another tree with the hives suspended up in the tree. The guys who harvest the honey don't wear suits but rely on their sweat to ward off bee stings.


Passing fields of sunflowers, corn and seeing more yellow water bottles being filled from either the river or at some villages they had a hand pump surrounded by a fence of wooden tree branches with a gate probably to keep out the animals.

Two hours later and just 85 km on a good tar seal road from Arba Minch arrived at Kanta Lodge in Kanso. Oh, the joy to be able and jump under a hot shower with a large dump rain shower rose.

No electricity till 6.30 pm and there was both good and bad news. Yes, they have wi-fi but no, it's is not working now. In fact no wi-fi at all in Konso. So more stillness and there is nothing wrong with that!

Tilapia Fish lunch from Lake Chamo with rice and vegetables. Ordered avacado juice but they said they had none but offered me papaya and avacado ... Oh well. The saying TIA still applies here but should it be TIE? Fish 90 birr / NZ$6 / US$4.40, Tea 10 birr / NZ$.70c / US$.50c, Juice 25 birr / NZ$.30c / US$ 25c, Totalling 125 birr / NZ$8.30 / US$6.10.

John got a bottle local Ethiopia sweet wine from Lake Zeeway for 250 birr / NZ$16.70 / US$ 12.30 where we will be passing on the way back to Addis.

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