Konso Chief Gezahegne Woldu Compound

Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Konso, Ethiopia
The chief (46) has been one for 12 years. It is a position handed down within the family. Trained as a civil engineer he returned when his father died to live and uphold the tribal Kertita clan traditions.

He sees his main role as dispute resolution as well as being a spiritual leader. He wants:
- to retain custom, culture, language and clothes.
- to maximise agricultural rural side like forestation, multi cropping in case of a crop failure, develop the terracing. No machinery is used except on the lowlands because of the stony and hilly ground.
- to wants the community and generation preserved.
- to face both environmental and technological changes.

Life is more expensive and it is through tourism that he sees it will provide opportunities to promote and keep their culture alive.
Marriages are arranged through friends.

Modern concession were a cell phone to call for a tuktuk or bajaj. Otherwise he would walk everywhere which would take hours.






Dinner back at Kanta Lodge was a local dish: Moriga tree vegetables and beef washed down with a bottle of Meta Premium 500 ml beer 30 birr / NZ$2 / US$1.50.

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