Mursi Village WITH Cameras

Thursday, December 18, 2014
Mago National Park, Ethiopia
Sitting by the bank of the river with the sound of the early morning birds and water rippling over the stones updating this blog in the early light before the sun had risen, along came a donkey and then a Mursi came along going about their way.

It was supposed to be dry season but a few drops of rain.

Our Scout had a rifle and so did one of the local Mursi men. About a dozen of them were back and either stood or sat watching as we packed up and had breakfast. The locals came and went. Of course we were on their tuff and our campsite on the side of the road was right besides where the locals fetched their water. So the children and ladies came with their yellow plastic water containers of different sizes.

Some had wanted our plastic water bottles.

Besides tea and coffee, bread and spreads, today it was scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Then the visit to the village this time armed with cameras. Yes, soon we were mobbed and I took the advice and for part of the time went away from the group but soon some ladies convinced me to take their photos.

For some I had to pay as well if they had a baby, some didn't mind.

My pile of 5 birr notes quickly went and I had to use 10 birr notes. I changed some of their 1 birr coins and 5 birr notes into 10 birr notes which was of more use to them so I had more "clicking” opportunities especially to those who were happy to accept the coins as many did not want them. 

I realised that most of my photos were of the women folk but I had none of the males. Many had already left for the fields or to tend to their animals.

Some would have but I didn't mind being grabbed nicely by them trying to get my attention to take their photo. Never felt threatened.

This whole morning experience was so different to yesterday afternoon. I am glad that we came to see them then without the pressure of the crowd and photo taking.


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