Mango – Hamer Traditional Tourist Camp Site

Thursday, December 18, 2014
Turmi, Ethiopia
Off for a pasta lunch break that our cook had prepared earlier and back on the road.

The road was generally dusty for part of the way to MangoHamer Traditional Tourist Camp Site, 3 kms out of Turmi. We had on route there the odd sun shower to dampen the surface on others.

Perhaps I should have had my tent pitched under the cool of the large mango tree? Didn't matter for now. As long as there was a cooling breeze.

A quick check of the toilets and shower block (passed!) as this would be our home sweet home for the next 3 nights.

The Kaske riverbed was dry so no swimming to cool off. The cold water shower was far from that. In fact it was quite warm but considering I was the first one in and the pipes would have heated all day I can understand why it was very warm to begin with.

Bobby the live chicken that came with us from the Key Afar market became dinner along with more rice, cabbage and carrots. Soup provided more much needed liquid substance.

Darkness fell and at 10 pm the generator was turned off after giving us 3 much needed hours to recharge our camera and phone batteries.

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