Dimeka Market

Saturday, December 20, 2014
Dimeka, Ethiopia
The various forest sounds of monkeys and birds provided the orchestra of noise to awake one.

Again the sleeping sheet was enough.

After scrambled eggs and the usual bread and spreads for breakfast, it was a later departure at 10 am back on the dusty road 20 kms to weekly Dimeka market less than an hour away.

It wasn't a large market but was crammed under the shade with the local Hamar and Bena people here for their weekly trade. It was also a central place to gather and catch up on the local gossip.

Tried something new and it was taking the candid images from low down by my knees of the locals sitting waiting for customers. Wide general photos were fine of the hustle and bustle of the marketplace but any one focusing on individuals was as expected certainly not appreciated.

A local school girl who had been taught English for 6 years told me the subjects that she was taught. This was similar to that of the Konso village. The ones that surprised me were civics / democracy. Again school started at 2 pm. This girl wanted to become a doctor … and yes, she wanted a pen!

Lunch was cooked earlier back at our campsite and sitting outside under the shade of the rather basic Ham Hotel. At least they had cold beverage to quench ones thirst!

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