HIGHLIGHTS Tues 23 Dec: Yebelo > Yirgalem

Tuesday, December 23, 2014
Yirgalem, Ethiopia
Fast Drive To Bule Hora

Off to Yirgalem some 255 km away and a full day's drive ahead of us.

Was told that the road ahead would be slow and bumpy.

The road wasn't slow at all for the first bit.






Slow Corrugated Drive To Yirgalem

Then after the refilling stop at the university town of Bule Hora, it was slow with much corrugation in the poorly kept tar seal road. No doubt the Chinese will get to this bit of road as well one year.

Along the road side avocado, corn were grown in this highlands and sold. Lemma stocked up to take home.

I was quite surprised at how green and fertile the landscape was considering where we had just come from.







Eventually we reached our overnight Aregash Lodge at Yirgalem.

At the coffee ceremony, there was a Korean coffee importer seeing their suppliers in the area and were making a promotional video.

Vultures were fed by the lodge staff and then the hyenas came.

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