Lake Ziway

Wednesday, December 24, 2014
Lake Ziway, Mirab Shewa, Ethiopia
Stopped at Lake Ziway and the great white Pelicans plus the near human size marabou storks all ready and awaiting to be fed by the locals. Yes, it certainly smelt like a fish market.

The small scared ibis were also there.

Should have used a slightly faster shutter speed than 1/250. Oh well, not going back.








We had the option of having lunch in a tourist hotel or local restaurant at Butajira where we had stopped for morning tea on the first day's drive south some 11 days ago. The local Lamrot Bar and Restaurant won so it was back around the corner for a simple feed on chick pea and injera for just 20 birr / NZ$1.30 / US$1. That with a Coke for 10 birr / NZ$.70c / US$.50c kind of broke my day’s budget!

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