Homeward Leg To Addis

Wednesday, December 24, 2014
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Addis in rush hour with the congestion and all that vehicle fumes. Glad that I don't live here.

Journey over and that was some 2,427 Kms in 11 days. A BIG THANK YOU Yohanis and Lemma!

I will have many memories of the South:

- Ranging from the near continual stream of people or animals walking along the side of the road. Remember 90 million people live here.
- The constant and continual refilling and taking the yellow water containers to and from home after using the hand powered water pump or taken directly from the river.
- The brief encounters with the Omo Valley tribes, mainly the afternoon spent without cameras with the Mursi Tribe and also the brighfly painted Karo Tribe in their setting high above the Omo River.
- the rare bull jumping ceremony.
- The Konso chief and his attempt to keep alive his tribes culture and traditions.

Time to say goodbye to Carol, John, Nic and Jurgen but not till most of us enjoyed a final dinner. For me it was roasted chicken 117 birr / NZ$7.80 / US$5.70.

With G Adventures planning to turn this Classic Tour into a Comfort Tour, the back to nature element of 4 nights camping will certainly be lost. The episode with ETT not providing me a sleeping turned out to be a non-event as G Adventures / Ethiopia Guzo Tours had one which I only used as a pillow. So warm at night that my silk sleeping sheet was sufficient.

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