Awash National Park PM Game Drive

Friday, December 26, 2014
Awash, Oromiya, Ethiopia
Finally made the Awash National Park main gate at 5.30 pm so we had literally 45 minutes of daylight left. What if we had left earlier? How much more would we have seen?  


 So anything would be a bonus.
At the park gates picked up our park ranger / scout with rifle. First up was a kudu. Then by the campsite was a crocodile who didn't move at all despite us being so close to it. Monkeys and warthogs as well. 




The sun was setting some just had enough time to see the Awash Falls in the fading light.





Rustic Awash Falls Lodge with thatched roofs, concrete floors rock wall surrounding the bathroom wet area was nearly empty with what seems only 2 other groups there. Dinner was something new for me - Yeshakla Tibis 100 birr / NZ$6.70 / US$4.90. A coffee ceremony capped of a rather frustrating yet in the end worthwhile day.

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