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Friday, December 26, 2014
Harar, Harari, Ethiopia
We had aimed to get to Harar at 11 am 300 kms away as this would give us the afternoon to explore the wall city. I don't know why we went along a rather winding twisting yet beautiful sealed road in its own way along what seems the Chercher mountain tops via Kulubi rather than via Dire Dawa. Anywhere where they could terrace they could so the area was rich in agriculture with it being densely cultivated mostly with sorghum. Patches of juniper and eucalyptus trees dotted the landscape as well.

I thought that I had requested to stay at the Harar’s Ras Hotel but apparently not so. Ended up at the Rewda Hotel which had certainly seen its glory days.

Lunch at Fresh Touch and what I had read in the reviews proved right on the button. Susanne had an adorable traditional Ethiopian fasting food of injera with different fasting sauces called Yetsome Beyayenet. I had one of their great pizza for 80 birr / NZ$5.30 / US$3.90! Of course just had to have a Harar beer in Harar!!!

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