Gondar Market

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
Gonder, Amhara, Ethiopia
A wander around the market. Splitting into 2 smaller groups we as faranjis / foreigners still stood out like a sore thumb. Those unlucky traders who did not have a permanent stall, tried to protect themselves from the sun under make shift awnings and umbrellas selling clothing, shoes, fruit and vegetables, spices and household utensils.

Donkeys and sheer human power moved the items around the narrow crowded alley ways. Just another typical market place. 

Three Sisters for their rather extensive traditional food buffet lunch 150 birr / NZ$10 / US$7.40 plus 2 Cokes at 15 birr / NZ$1 / US$.75 each. Again it a little bit of most things with seconds of course! A glass of tej / honey wine was drunk as well.

Tej (Amharic: ጠጀ?, pronounced [ˈtʼədʒ]; Tigrinya: ሜሰ?, mes, Oromo: daadhi) is a mead or honey wine that is brewed and consumed in Ethiopia and Eritrea. It is flavored with the powdered leaves and twigs of gesho (Rhamnus prinoides), a hops-like bittering agent that is a species of buckthorn. Tej is usually homemade, but throughout Ethiopia it is available in "tej houses" (tej betoch, singular tej bet (ጠጅ ቤት)).

The traditional vessel for drinking tej is a rounded vase-shaped container called a berele, which looks like a Florence flask. Tej has a deceptively sweet taste that masks its high alcohol content, which varies greatly according to the length of fermentation. Berz is a sweeter, less-alcoholic version of tej, and is aged for a shorter time. Thanks Mr Wikipedia.

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