Semien Lodge 10,700 ‘ or 3,260 m asl

Wednesday, December 31, 2014
Simien National Park, Amhara, Ethiopia
At Debark we each needed to sign in at the National Park office. Because we had more than 10 people in our group, we picked up 2 scouts / park rangers with a rifle each to protect us from both animals and humans! We also had a guide BJ with us for the next 2 days in the mountain.

After lunch, it was time to head off. Just on the outskirt of Debark was the cattle market. With Christmas approaching on 7 Jan, this is why there were so many animals being sold at the market.

I had half expected another African massage on a rather bumpy dust filled road like we had to the Blue Nile Falls a couple of days earlier, but this dusty windy road still being rebuilt was quite smooth for the 22 km slow hour's upwards climb by our trusty Toyota Coaster mini bus to Semien Lodge.

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