China Road

Saturday, January 03, 2015
Debre Tabor, Amhara, Ethiopia
Time to head towards Lalibela, the jewel of the Northern Historical circuit. Most groups will go around clockwise and finish with Lalibela but because of the poor road from Gondar to Axum, it wasn't made for our Coaster so we instead had to go what I will call the long way round. Today was over 250 kms.

This is known as the "China Road" and you guessed it ... built by the Chinese in the late 1970's and recently upgraded.

Back towards Bahir Dar and a stop so that we could both have a bush stop for those who wanted one and a short walk downhill towards the Finger of God. Some web sites said it was Devil's Rock Nose. Ermias later said that locally it is known as "yegyear tat" which means "finger or hand of God" plus he has also heard of Devil’s Nose and Finger of God. I like “Finger of God” much better!

Nice for a wee stretch. Of course out came the children again where the Coaster was parked up waiting for us.

It was market day at a small town before the University town of Debre Tabor. Stopping to photograph another smaller rock finger locally called Tarra Gedam. There is a very old monastery around that fingered rock. Gedam means monastery and Tarra normally means plafond or the upper part of a home. The language of the host community is Amharic and the place around is called Hamussite. Enough of the local meaning ... it was hard not to photograph the passing locals on route to market with Tarra Gedam as the back drop.

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