Barren Road To Mekelle

Tuesday, January 06, 2015
Mek’elē, Tigray, Ethiopia
Another 265 km to Mekelle so back into the Coaster. The countryside opened up again with not many villages on a barren brown landscape. Driving into the late afternoon sun and on my side of the Coaster as well meant no photos.

A coffee stop for some at Alamata and turning right along a new alterative road to skirt around the mountains.

The wind farm on the horizon signalled that we were close to our overnight's stay.

The orange sun ball dropped below the horizon as we drove into Mekelle and the end of another 11 hour on the road day.

Dinner was in the Axum Hotel itself with my lamb goulash plus Dashen beer coming to 195.28 birr / NZ$13 / US$9.60. English speaking room television for the first time on the trip.

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