HIGHLIGHTS Tues 6 Jan: Lalibela > Mekele

Tuesday, January 06, 2015
Mek’elē, Tigray, Ethiopia

Ethiopia's Swiss Alps?

Back along the same unpaved dusty road to Gashena where 2 hours later it was time for a coffee stop.

Had a scenic stop at Dilb with the locals selling a typical Ethiopian snack called kolo. It is a mixture of chickpea, barley and sunflower seeds.

It was downwards we drove. In the distant were clouds and short of looking back on my photos may be the first clouds seen on this part of the northern trip. It certainly felt like the Swiss Alps with the steep sides of the valley and the buildings with their V pitch roof looking a bit like the Swiss chalets. The trees and water down the irrigation channels provided a totally different scene to take in.














Barren Road to Mekelle

Another 265 km to Mekelle so back into the Coaster. The countryside opened up again with not many villages on a barren brown landscape. 

The orange sun ball dropped below the horizon as we drove into Mekelle and the end of another 11 hour on the road day.


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