HIGHLIGHTS Wed 7 Jan: Mekele > Hawzien

Wednesday, January 07, 2015
Hawzēn, Tigray, Ethiopia
Abreha We Atsbeha

Leaving Mekelle and as it was Christmas Day and a holy day, the city was literally deserted and felt like a ghost town.

Stopped at an unofficial scenic view point looking back on Mekelle before heading north.

I will remember (not) Ethiopia for the fine sand particles that gets in literally everywhere. Not good for the locals whose houses are beside the road or when they are walking along it.

At Wukro, turning west our first stop was Abreha We Atsbeha, a semi-monolithic church that juts out of a face of rock. Inside it is most famous for its murals on the walls and the ceiling depicting the entire history of the Ethiopian church.

We were lucky to witness a local couple renewing their 10th wedding wows in the church.

Then the priest brought out and showed us their holy treasures.





Gheralta Lodge

Finally just 1.5 km out of Hawzien the very much upmarket Gheralta Lodge awaited us with its panoramic views towards the west with stunning rock formations. The buildings kind of blended into the immaculate grounds.



Giyorgis Maikado Church

When the trusty Coaster could go no further, out we hopped and yes by now, the local children had already seen us and came a running in our direction and accompanied us. Somehow this flock of children just grew with young girls carrying their younger siblings on their backs. Walking passing these magnificent tall euphorbia in the mid afternoon sun to see Giyorgis Maikado Church (St George of the Running Water).

Again we were the only ones here and the 67 year old priest showed us this church's treasure.


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