Men Only!!!

Friday, January 09, 2015
Axum, Tigray, Ethiopia
The rectangular old church (men only) at the southern end of the complex is a remarkable example of traditional architecture built by the Emperor Fasiladas, the founder of Gonder, in 1665. Inside there are fine original murals, including a painting of the Nine Saints. Some say the foundation on which it sits may belong to Africa's first church, supposedly erected by King Ezana in the 4th century and destroyed in the 9th century during Queen Gudit’s devastating raid, and then a rebuilt version was destroyed during the incursions of Ahmed Gragn the Left-Handed in 1535. More remains of this church can be seen next to the museum.

The oldest functioning church looked like the castles of Gondar but remember Emperor Fasilidas built it. The ladies had to sit out our visit to the male only monastery which had more of the "same old, same old". Let the pictures confirm this.

Feeding time again and lunch at AB Traditional Restaurant with their extensive local menu. For us faranji while I ordered macaroni, they had none so I had to settle for spaghetti with meat sauce. Pasta here in Ethiopia being a carryover from the Italians. That at 55 birr / NZ$3.70 / US$2.70 and with a super ice cold Coke came to 116 birr / NZ$7.70 / US$5.70 after those taxes.

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