“Missed Connection” Passenger

Saturday, January 10, 2015
Bole, Mirab Shewa, Ethiopia
I was glad that I had Eve's itinerary with me as it clearly stated to pick up a complimentary night included at Dubai Connect accommodation voucher at Addis on checking in but you guessed it ... the system had no record of this. So away Rohit the check in staff went and eventually came back with a voucher. I was a “Missed Connection" passenger!

With a long wait till departure, it was time to start and tidy up my reflections of what was a wonderful 30 days spent in what is an “Enchanting Ethiopia”. Sorry Ermias. I’m “borrowing” this from you!

The bank at the international airport was closed (open at the domestic), so after deciding to pay a ridiculous 152 birr / NZ$10.10 / US$7.45 for a meat lasagne with REAL cheese, decided to spend my remaining 282 birr / NZ$18.80 / US$13.80 on another piece of woven material because of its small size.
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