Saturday, January 10, 2015
Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Taking off at 4.20 pm or 5.20 pm for Dubai. Sitting on the same side as I came over I saw the "other" or southern side of Ethiopia before the sun set.
On the A330, seat 25K (window) is by toilet gathering area, it is better than 26K which I had, because it had more leg room. It was not helped when the person in 25K decided early in the trip to recline fully. Thank goodness there was nobody sitting in the next door seat so I was able to stretch out a bit.

While I asked for the fish option, they had none so I had to settle for the chicken.

Later in the dark and after circling Dubai landed at 8.40 pm local time.

As my bags were checked all the way through to Auckland, first I had to go through Passport Control / immigration. Tried the E gate with no luck, so had to queue up at Passport Control. Only 2 staff were on in this area.

Then at Terminal 3 had to work out where to find the shuttle to the Premier Inn Dubai International Airport hotel which eventually came. By now it was an hour after touch down and oh how that bed awaited me.

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