Magic in the Moonlight

Monday, January 12, 2015
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
An hour later departure than the scheduled 8.45 am but 2 hour 40 min later at 2.45 pm touched down at Auckland. On route Qantas had Magic in the Moonlight as part of their movie selection so I managed to watch the end of this!

I always love coming back home and this time was no exception as the view of the green below me is always slightly different even though the track was over Beachlands.

Forty minutes from touch down to exiting the terminal and that was even going through the red channel stopping for the MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) guys to check out my wooden carving, woven items and shoes after all that walking in the hills and dust! Yes, I had washed my shoes soles and left my socks behind in Ethiopia as they had seed heads in them. That is why I use the cheap airline socks for a one or two day wear!

Outside and straight onto the departing 380 Airporter $4 local bus for the 30 minute ride back to Onehunga, then the 10 minute walk up to mum's and my car. Trip over and I had survived the 43 hour Axum airport to Auckland airport journey!

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