Circle Dubai

Friday, December 12, 2014
Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
I don't sleep well on overnight flights and this nearly 14 hour leg was no exception. So it was catnapping most of the way with my body clock already way out of sync. There is a 9 hour difference between Dubai and Auckland so arriving at 7.03 am my body was saying that it was 4 pm back in Auckland. So far 21 hours airport to airport and I still after a transit wait have another 4 hour flight to do or is it endure?

Now the 12/12 and yes, it is a special day for me but in reality it would just be another long travel day in my life.

But it wasn't over.... We had to circle quite a few times before reaching Dubai. Because of the fog and low cloud, on our final approach and just before touchdown, we then had a "miss approach" and with the thrust of engines had to go around and finally landed at 7.35 am.




Collected my boarding pass for my third flight, through security, train to terminal or gate B then the wait.

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