Camel Market

Monday, December 22, 2014
Yabēlo, Oromiya, Ethiopia
A short couple of hours drive the 105 km Konso through to Yabelo. The soil was more browner and redder with trees larger as we got closer to our next stop. Camels as well as the usual cattle and goats along the side of the unpaved fine dusty road. At least the sun had not reached it height and was not that hot .... yet!

An hour's free time before lunch. The menu had "paper stack". I asked what was this and knew it was a lamb dish of some description. I guess it was supposed to be PEPPER STEAK. That plus 2 x 300 ml Cokes came to 100 Birrs / NZ$6.70 / US$4.90.





At 2 pm off the 30 kms to the camel market with the Borena tribe. A camel cost 15,000 birr / NZ$1,000 / US$740 to buy.

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